Selected Faculty Publications for 2011

2011 Selected Faculty Publications

Anaya, S. James (co-author, with Hurst Hannum & Dinah L. Shelton), International Human Rights: Problems of Law, Policy, and Practice, (5th ed. 2011).

Benhalim, Rabea with Wittes & Bennett, Rationalizing Government Collection Authorities: A Proposal for Radical Simplification, GOVERNANCE STUDIES AT BROOKINGS (Jan. 7, 2011).

Bruff, Harold (with Peter M. Shane), Separation of Powers Law, 3d. Edition (2011).

Brunet Marks, Alexia (with R.J.Allen), To Tow or Not to Tow: The Deterrence Effect of a Municipal Ordinance, 47 Criminal Law Bulletin 410 (2011).

Brunet Marks, Alexia , Under Attack: Terrorism Risk Insurance Regulation, 89 North Carolina Law Review 387 (2011).

Brunet Marks, Alexia , An End to Terrorism Risk Insurance Regulation?, George Mason Law School, Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure Report, November 2011.

Cantrell, Deborah , Can Compassionate Practice Also Be Good Legal Practice?: Answers From the Lives of Buddhist Lawyers, 12 RUTGERS J. LAW & RELIGION 1-75 (2011).

Carpenter, Kristen A. , Book Review of Defying the Odds: The Tule River Tribe's Struggle for Sovereignty in Three Centuries by Gelya Frank and Carole Goldberg, 35 American Indian Quarterly 260 (2011) .

Chapin, Violeta , Silencio! Undocumented Immigrants and the Right to Silence, 17 Michigan Journal of Race & Law 119 (2011).

Gazur, Wayne M. (with Robert M. Phillips), Estate Planning: Principles and Problems, (Aspen 3d ed.) (2011).

Gerding, Erik , "Complexity," Information Failures in the Financial Crisis, and Reinventing Securities Disclosure, in RISK MANAGEMENT AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE (Tassos Malliaris & Abolhassan Jalilvand, eds., 2011)(Routledge).

Gruber, Aya , One More Casualty of the "War on Terror", in Courts and Terrorism: Nine Nations Balance Rights and Security 33 (Cambridge University Press 2011).

Hendricks, Jennifer S. , Not of Woman Born: A Scientific Fantasy, 62 CASE WESTERN RESERVE L. REV. 399 (2011).

Hendricks, Jennifer S. , In Defense of the Substance-Procedure Dichotomy, 89 WASH. U. L. REV. 103 (2011).

Hendricks, Jennifer S. , Teaching Values, Teaching Stereotypes: Sex Ed and Indoctrination in Public Schools, with Dawn Howerton, 13 U. PENN. J. CONST. L. 589 (2011).

Hendricks, Jennifer S. , Teaching Controversial Topics: Reproductive Rights, with Beth Burkstrand-Reid and June Carbone, 49 FAM. CT. REV. 678 (2011).

Hill, David S. , Landlord and Tenant Law In a Nutshell, (5th ed.) (2011).

Krakoff, Sarah , Radical Adaptation, Justice and American Indian Nations, 4 Environmental Justice 207 (2011).

Krakoff, Sarah , Parenting the Planet, in The Ethics of Global Climate Change 145, Denis G. Arnold, ed. (Cambridge U. Press, 2011).

Krakoff, Sarah , Mark the Plumber v. Tribal Empire, or Non-Indian Anxiety v. Tribal Sovereignty?: The Story of Oliphant v. Suquamish Indian Tribe, in Indian Law Stories 261, C. Goldberg, K. Washburn & P. Frickey, eds. (Foundation Press, 2011).

Loewenstein, Mark J. , Veil Piercing to Non-owners: A Practical and Theoretical Inquiry, 41 Seton Hall Law Review 839 (2011).

Loewenstein, Mark J. , Wilkes v. Springside Nursing Home, Inc.: An Historical Perspective (forthcoming, Western New England Law Review, Fall, 2011) .

Loewenstein, Mark J. (with J. Dennis Hynes), Agency, Partnership, and the LLC--The Law of Unincorporated Business Enterprises: Cases, Materials, and Problems, 8th ed. (2011).

Loewenstein, Mark J. Loewenstein (with J. Dennis Hynes), Agency, Partnership, and the LLC: The Law of Unincorporated Business Enterprises: Cases, Materials, Problems, (LexisNexis, abr. 8th ed.) (2011).

Loewenstein, Mark J. (with J. Dennis Hynes), Agency, Partnership, and the LLC: The Law of Unincorporated Business Enterprises: Cases, Materials, Problems, (LexisNexis, abr. 8th ed.) (2011).

Moss, Scott (with Nantiya Ruan), The Second-Class Class Action: How Courts Thwart Wage Rights by Misapplying Class Action Rules, 61 American U. L. Rev. 523-583 (2011).

Moss, Scott , The Overhyped Path from Tinker to Morse: How the Student Speech Cases Show the Limits of Supreme Court Decisions - for the Law and for the Litigants, 64 Florida L. Rev. 1407-57 (2011) (Winner, Annual Scholarship Award, Byron White Center for American Constitutional Law).

Moss, Scott , The Story of Tinker v. Des Moines to Morse v. Frederick: Similar Stories of Very Different Results for Very DifferentStudentSpeech: Chapter 14 in Garnett&Koppelman,FirstAmendmentStories (Foundation Press 2011) .

Moss, Scott , Yes, Labor Markets Are Flawed - But So Is the Economic Case for Mandating Employee Voice in Corporate Governance, 94 Marq. L. Rev. 933-953 (2011) (invited symposium contribution).

Mueller, Christopher B. , Twenty-First Century Procedure (Draft 1st edition 2011, Aspen Custom Publishing) .

Mueller, Christopher B. , Evidence Under the Rules (7th ed. 2011, Wolters-Kluwer) (with Laird C. Kirkpatrick) .

Nagel, Robert F. , Loose Lips Sink Ships, 11 Claremont Rev. Bks. 38 (Winter 2010-Spring 2011) (reviewing Gabriel Schoenfeld, Necessary Secrets: National Security, the Media, and the Rule of Law (2010)).

Nevelow Mart, Susan , Disappearing Government Information and the Internet's Public Domain, 36(3) Admin. & Reg. L. News 5 (Spring 2011).

Norton, Helen , Campaign Speech Law With a Twist: When Government is the Speaker, Not the Regulator, 61 EMORY L.J. 209 (2011).

Norton, Helen , Intermediaries and Hate Speech: Fostering Digital Citizenship for the Information Age, 91 BOSTON U. L. REV. 1435 (2011) (with Danielle Keats Citron).

Norton, Helen , Imaginary Threats to Government's Expressive Interests, 61 Case Western Res. L. Rev. 1265 (2011).

Norton, Helen , Excluding Unemployed Workers from Job Opportunities: Why Disparate Impact Protections Still Matter, 2011 HASTINGS L.J. VOIR DIRE 1.

Norton, Helen , The Court's Post-Racial Turn, Legal Workshop, Feb. 28, 2011.

Pappas, Michael , Unnatural Resource Law: Situating Desalination in Coastal Resource and Water Law Doctrines, 86 Tul. L. Rev. 81 (2011).

Pizzi, William T. , The Need to Overrule Mapp v. Ohio, 82 U. Colo. L. Rev. 679 (2011), reprinted in 39 Search & Seizure L. Rep. 29 (2012).

Ramsey, Carolyn , A Diva Defends Herself: Gender and Domestic Violence in an Early Twentieth-Century Headline Trial, 55 Saint Louis University Law Journal 1347 (2011) (invited symposium).

Ramsey, Carolyn , Domestic Violence and State Intervention in the American West and Australia, 1860-1930, 86 Indiana Law Journal 185 (2011).

Schwartz, Andrew , Consumer Contract Exchanges and the Problem of Adhesion, 28 Yale Journal on Regulation 313 (2011).

Schwartz, Andrew , Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Swipe: A Critique of the Infancy Rule in the Federal Credit CARD Act, 2011 Utah Law Review 407.

Seney, Lauren , Building a Digital Archive: The William & Mary Law School Scholarship Repository, Trends in Law Library Management and Technology 21 (2011): 25-29.

Surden, Harry , Efficient Uncertainty in Patent Interpretation, 68 Wash & Lee L. Rev 1737 (2011).

Thompson, Jane , Trials of the Century: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture and the Law, 50(4) Reference & User Serv. Q. 402 (2011).

Weiser, Philip J. , Towards an International Dialogue on the Institutional Side of Antitrust, 66 N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 445 (2011).

Weiser, Philip J. , Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Information Age, 9 J. on Telecomm. & High Tech. L. 1 (2011).

White, Ahmed , Industrial Terrorism and the Unmaking of New Deal Labor Law, 11 Nev. L.J. 561 (2011).

White, Ahmed , The Open Shop Tested: The Great Steel Strike of 1919 in American Labor Struggles and Labor Law Histories (Ken Casebeer ed., Carolina Academic Press 2011) .

White, Ahmed , The Duty to Obey: Sit-Down at Sea, or Mutiny, in American Labor Struggles and Labor Law Histories, pp. 303-320 (Ken Casebeer ed., Carolina Academic Press 2011) (reworking of the article, The Crime of Staging an Economic Radicalism).