Selected Faculty Publications for 2012

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2012 Selected Faculty Publications

Benhalim, Rabea , Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State, LAWFARE, (Jun. 22, 2012) (book review).

Bloom, Frederic , Suing Courts, 79 University of Chicago Law Review 553 (2012) (with Chris Serkin).

Bloom, Frederic , Information Lost and Found, 100 California Law Review 635 (2012).

Cantrell, Deborah , Lawyers, Loyalty and Social Change, 89 DENVER UNIV. L. REV 941-75 (2012).

Cantrell, Deborah , The Role of Equipoise in Family Law, 14 J. OF LAW & FAMILY STUDIES 63-96 (2012).

Carpenter, Kristen A. , Limiting Principles and Empowering Practices in American Indian Religious Freedoms, 45 Connecticut Law Review 387 (2012).

Carpenter, Kristen A. , THE INDIAN CIVIL RIGHTS ACT AT FORTY, (with M. Fletcher and A. Riley, co-eds.) (UCLA American Indian Studies Center Publications) (2012).

Carpenter, Kristen A. , Individual Religious Freedoms in Tribal Constitutional Law, in THE INDIAN CIVIL RIGHTS ACT AT FORTY, (K. Carpenter, M. Fletcher, and A. Riley, eds.) (UCLA American Indian Studies Center Publications) (2012).

Chen, Ming Hsu , Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit: Immigrant Incorporation in Federal Workplace Agencies, 33 Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law 359 (2012-2013).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , Experimental Pragmatism in the Third Globalization, 9 Contemp. Pragmatism 181 (2012) (peer-reviewed journal). (An extended version of the essay was reprinted as Economic Development and the Problem with the Problem-Solving Approach, 5 Wash. U. Juris. Rev. 1 (2012)).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , The Market as a Legal Concept, 60 Buff. L. Rev. 387(2012).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , Race as a Legal Concept, 2 Colum. J. Race & L. 1(2012).

Furman, Patrick , Colorado Evidentiary Foundations (with Bailin, England & Imwinkelreid), Michie (Second Edition 2008; Supplements 2010 and 2012) .

Furman, Patrick , Colorado DUI Benchbook (Third Edition, Continuing Legal Education in Colorado. Inc., 2006) Managing Editor and Chapter Author; Managing Editor and Chapter Author for updates in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 .

Gazur, Wayne M. , Coming to Terms with the Uniform Probate Code's Reformation of Wills, 64 South Carolina L. Rev. 403 (2012).

Gruber, Aya , A "Neo-feminist" Assessment of Rape and Domestic Violence Law Reform, 15 J. RACE, GENDER & JUST. 583 (2012).

Gruber, Aya , Practical Global Criminal Procedure: United States, Argentina, and Netherlands, (with Vicente de-Palacios and Piet Hein Van Kempen) (Carolina Academic Press 2012) (author and primary editor).

Gruber, Aya , Why We Need a Progressive Account of Violence, (reviewing James Forman, Jr., Racial Critiques of Mass Incarceration: Beyond the New Jim Crow (2012)), Jotwell (August 2012).

Gruber, Aya , Duncan Kennedy's Third Globalization, Criminal Law and the Spectacle, 3 COMP. L. REV. 3.4 (2012).

Hendricks, Jennifer S. , Renegotiating the Social Contract, 110 MICH. L. REV. 1083 (2012) (review of Maxine Eichner's THE SUPPORTIVE STATE: FAMILIES, GOVERNMENT, AND AMERICA'S POLITICAL IDEALS).

Hendricks, Jennifer S. , Pregnancy, Equality, and the U.S. Constitution, in FEMINIST CONSTITUTIONALISM (Beverly Baines, Daphne Barak-Erez & Tsvi Kahana eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2012).

Hendricks, Jennifer S. , The Flight from Judgement: Reflections on Ben Barton's Empirical Study of Supreme Court Justice Pre-Appointment Experience, 64 Fla. L. Rev. 34 (2012).

Huang, Peter H. , Law & Popular Culture: Text, Notes, & Questions (and Teacher's Manual), with David Ray Papke, Christine Alice Corcos, Lenora P. Ledwon, Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Philip N. Meyer, Binny Miller, & Sean O;Brien (2d ed. 2012) .

Kiernan-Johnson, Derek H. , A Shift to Narrativity, 9 Legal Comm. & Rhetoric 81 (2012).

Krakoff, Sarah , Planetarian Identity Formation and the Relocalization of Environmental Law, 64 Fla. L. Rev. 87 (2012).

Krakoff, Sarah , Inextricably Political: Race, Membership and Tribal Sovereignty, 87 Washington Law Review 1041 (2012).

Krakoff, Sarah , Tribes, Land and Environment, Sarah Krakoff & Ezra Rosser, eds, (Ashgate 2012).

Linz, Robert , The Digital Collections at Colorado Law, 41(8) Colo. Law. 111 (Aug. 2012).

Loewenstein, Mark J. , Limited Liability Companies: A Governance Perspective (a chapter in SAGE HANDBOOK ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, Spring, 2012) .

Loewenstein, Mark J. (with J. Dennis Hynes), Agency, Partnership, and the LLC in a Nutshell, (Thomson/West, 5th ed.) (2012).

Loewenstein, Mark J. , Limited Liability Companies: A Governance Perspective, in Sage Handbook on Corporate Governance 81 (Thomas Clarke & Douglas Branson eds., 2012) .

Mueller, Christopher B. , Evidence (5th ed. 2012, Wolters-Kluwer) (with Laird C. Kirkpatrick) .

Mueller, Christopher B. , Evidence Practice Under the Rules (4th ed. 2012, Wolters-Kluwer) (with Laird C. Kirkpatrick and Charles H. Rose III) .

Mueller, Christopher B. , Evidence Black Letter (3d ed. 2012, Thompson-West) (with Laird C. Kirkpatrick) .

Nagel, Robert F. , Partiality and Disclosure in Supreme Court Opinions, 7 N.W. J.L. & Soc. Pol'y 116 (2012).

Norton, Helen , The Equal Implications of Government's Hateful Speech, 54 WM. & MARY L. REV. 159 (2012).

Norton, Helen , Secrets, Lies, and Disclosures, 27 JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS 641 (2012).

Norton, Helen , Government Speech in Transition, 57 S.Dak. L. Rev. 421 (2012).

Peppet, Scott R. , Freedom of Contract in an Augmented Reality: The Case of Consumer Contracts, 59 UCLA Law Review 676 (2012).

Peppet, Scott R. , Privacy & the Personal Prospectus: Should We Introduce Privacy Agents or Regulate Privacy Intermediaries?, 97 Iowa L. Rev. Bull. 77 (2012).

Pizzi, William T. , Understanding the United States' Incarceration Rate, 95 Judicature 207 (2012).

Pizzi, William T. , Rethinking Attempt Under the Model Penal Code, 9 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. 771 (2012).

Reid, Blake E. , Keeping Up with the Joneses: The End of Police-Centric Justifications for the Third-Party Doctrine, (online supplement to Privacy Law Scholars Conference).

Schlag, Pierre , Four Conceptualizations of the Relations of Law to Economics (Tribulations of a Positivist Social Science), 33 Cardozo L. Rev. 2357 (2012).

Schlag, Pierre , The Faculty Workshop, 60 Buff. L. Rev. 807 (2012).

Schwartz, Andrew , The Perpetual Corporation, 80 George Washington Law Review 764 (2012).

Skinner-Thompson, Scott with Christopher Klimmek, Tenth Amendment Challenges after Bond v. United States, 46 UNIV. SAN FRANCISCO LAW REVIEW 995 (2012).

Squillace, Mark , The Judicial Assault on the Clean Water Act, Fed. Law., July 2012, at 33.

Squillace, Mark (with Alexander Hood), NEPA, Climate Change, and Public Lands Decision Making, 42 Envtl. L. 469 (2012).

Squillace, Mark , The NEPA Litigation Guide, (ed. with Albert M. Ferlo & Karin P. Sheldon, 2d ed. 2012).

Squillace, Mark , NEPA and Climate Change (with Alexander Hood), in THE NEPA LITIGATION GUIDE 261 (Albert M. Ferlo, Karin P. Sheldon & Mark Squillace eds., 2d ed. 2012).

Surden, Harry , Computable Contracts, 46 U.C. Davis Law Review 629 (2012).

Weiser, Philip J. (with Benjamin, Shelanski & Speta), Telecommunications Law and Policy, (3d ed. 2012).

Wilkinson, Charles (with Daniel Cordalis), Heeding the Clarion Call for Sustainable, Spiritual Western Landscapes: Will the People Be Granted a New Forest Service?, 33 Pub. Land & Resources L. Rev. 1 (2012).