Selected Faculty Publications for 2020

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2020 Selected Faculty Publications

Brunet Marks, Alexia , Taming America's Sugar Rush: A "Traffic Light" Label Approach, Arizona Law Review, Vol. 62, No. 683 (2020).

Brunet Marks, Alexia , (Carbon) Farming our Way out of Climate Change, 97 Denver Law Review 3, 497-556 (2020).

Carpenter, Kristen A. , (Indigenous) Language as a Human Right, 24 UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 49 (with A. Tsykarev) (2020).

Carpenter, Kristen A. , Religious Freedoms, Sacred Sites, and Human Rights in the United States, in COMPARATIVE APPROACHES TO IMPLEMENTATION OF THE UN DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (B. Gunn et. al., eds.) (2020).

Chen, Ming Hsu , Citizenship Denied: Implications of the Naturalization Backlog for Noncitizens in the Military, 97 Denv L Rev 669 (2020).

Chen, Ming Hsu , Pursuing Citizenship in the Enforcement Era, (Stanford Press, 2020).

Chen, Ming Hsu , Are the Dreamers Safe Now that the Supreme Court Ruled? Not Exactly. Here's What's Still up in the Air, The Washington Post, (June 19, 2020).

Chen, Ming Hsu , How Much Procedure Is Needed for Agencies to Change 'Novel' Regulatory Policies, 71 Hastings Law Journal 1127 (June 2020).

Chen, Ming Hsu , Colorblind Nationalism, Yale J. on Reg.: Notice & Comment (July 13, 2020).

Chen, Ming Hsu , How Can the U.S. Support Immigrants Pursuing Citizenship, Scholar Strategy Network (August 2020).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , On the Deradicalization of Legal History, History & Theory (forthcoming 2020) (co-authored with Sam Moyn) (peer-reviewed journal).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , Deep Cuts: Four Critiques of Legal Ideology, Yale J. L & Hum. (forthcoming in 2020) (co-authored with Akbar Rasulov).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , Racial Ideology and the Right to Exclude: From the Family of Nations to Human Rights, UCLA L. Rev. (forthcoming 2020).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , The Right to Exclude: Racial Ideology, Borders, and the Global Legal Order, (forthcoming with Oxford University Press).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , The Rule of Law, in Tipping Points in International Law (Jean d'Aspremont and John Haskell, eds.) (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2020).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , The Realist and the Visionary: On the Problem of Social Change in the History of International Legal Thought, 1919-2019, in Contingency in the Course of International Law : How International Law Could Have Been (Kevin Jon Heller and Ingo Venzke, eds.) (Oxford University Press, 2020).

García, Kristelia (with James Hicks and Justin McCrary), Copyright and Economic Viability: Evidence from the Music Industry, 17 J. EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUD. 4 (2020).

García, Kristelia , Super-Statutory Contracting, 95 WASHINGTON L. REV. 101 (2020).

García, Kristelia , Monetizing Infringement, 54 UC DAVIS L. REV. 265 (2020).

García, Kristelia , Contracts v. Copyright: Contemporary Musician Income Streams, (forthcoming chapter in Oxford Handbook of Music Law & Policy, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 2020).

Griffin, Amy J. (with Pierre Schlag), How to Do Things with Legal Doctrine, (University of Chicago Press, forthcoming 2020).

Gruber, Aya , The Feminist War on Crime: The Unexpected Role of Women's Liberation in Mass Incarceration, (University of California Press 2020).

Gruber, Aya , The Complexity of College Consent, in Adjudicating Campus Sexual Misconduct: Controversies and Challenges (Cognella Press 2020).

Huang, Peter H. (with Kelly J. Poore), Can You Hear Me Later and Believe Me Now? Behavioral Law and Economics of Chronic Repeated Ambient Acoustic Pollution Causing Noise-Induced (Hidden) Hearing Loss, 29(2) Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice 193-272 (2020).

Konnoth, Craig , The Normative Bases of Medical Civil Rights, BEYOND DISADVANTAGE: DISABILITY, LAW, AND BIOETHICS (Glenn Cohen et al, eds., (Cambridge Univ. Press, expected publication 2020).

Konnoth, Craig , Rewritten Opinion, Smith v. Rasmussen, FEMINIST JUDGMENTS: REWRITTEN HEALTH LAW OPINIONS (Seema Mohapatra and Lindsay F. Wiley, eds. (Cambridge Univ. Press, expected publication 2020)).

Konnoth, Craig , Keynote Address: Medical Civil Rights,12 Ethics, Med. & Public Health (forthcoming 2020), -- Response by Pieter A. Carstens, Professor of Medical Law, Director of the Centre for Law and Medicine, University of Praetoria, Commentary on an essay by Konnoth CJ. Medicalization and the new civil rights, 12 Ethics, Med. & Pub. Health (forthcoming, 2020).

Konnoth, Craig , Keynote Address: TheProtection of LGBT Youth, 81 PITT. L. REV. 263 (2019).

Konnoth, Craig , Privatized Preemption, Administrative & Regulatory Law News (Spring 2020, invited).

Konnoth, Craig , Can Electronic Health Records be Saved, Am. J. L. & Med. (forthcoming 2020) (with Gabriel Scheffler).

Konnoth, Craig , Regulatory De-Arbitrage in Health Data Regulation, ANNALS OF HEALTH LAW 135 (2020).

Konnoth, Craig , Data Collection, EHRs, and Poverty Determinations, 46 J.L. MED. & ETHICS 622 (2018).

Konnoth, Craig , Medicalization and the New Civil Rights, 72 STAN. L. REV. (2020).

Konnoth, Craig , Constitutional Offsets and Narrow Tailoring the COVID-19 response, Cal. L. Rev. Online (forthcoming 2020).

Krakoff, Sarah , Not Yet America's Best Idea: Law, Inequality, and Grand Canyon National Park, 92 University of Colorado Law Review 561 (2020).

Norton, Helen , Discrimination, The Speech That Enables It, and the First Amendment, 2020 U. Chi. L. Forum (forthcoming 2020).

Schwartz, Andrew , Contracts and COVID-19, 73 Stanford Law Review Online 48-60 (2020).

Schwartz, Andrew , Which Companies Crowdfund?, COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL BLUE SKY BLOG, May 29, 2020 Reprinted in OXFORD BUSINESS LAW BLOG, June 10, 2020.

Schwartz, Andrew , Breaking contracts over coronavirus: Can you argue it's an 'act of God'?, THE CONVERSATION, Mar. 31, 2020.

Schwartz, Andrew , Voluntary Disclosure for Primary Securities Offerings, COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL BLUE SKY BLOG, Mar. 3, 2020 Reprinted in OXFORD BUSINESS LAW BLOG, Mar. 5, 2020; SECURITIES REGULATION DAILY, Mar. 19, 2020.

Schwartz, Andrew , COVID-19: Impossible Contracts and Force Majeure, COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL BLUE SKY BLOG, Aug. 11, 2020.

Skinner-Thompson, Scott , AIDS and the Law, (editor, 5th ed. 2016; 6th ed. 2020) (Wolters Kluwer).

Skinner-Thompson, Scott , Trump Administration Tells Schools: Discriminate Against Trans Athletes or We'll Defund You, SLATE, June 04, 2020.

Skinner-Thompson, Scott , Don't Criminalize COVID-19, SLATE, March 27, 2020.

Skinner-Thompson, Scott , Free Speech Isn't a Free Pass for Privacy Violations, SLATE, March 9, 2020 (with Margot Kaminski).

Surden, Harry (with Anthony Aguirre, Gaia Dempsey, and Peter Bart Reiner), AI loyalty: A New Paradigm for Aligning Stakeholder Interests, IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society (2020).

Surden, Harry , The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Law: Basic Questions, Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI (2020).

White, Ahmed , Law, Labor, and the Hard Edge of Progressivism: the Legal Repression of Radical Unionism and the American Labor Movement's Long Decline, BERKELEY JOURNAL OF EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW (forthcoming, fall 2020).

White, Ahmed , The Memorial Day Massacre, in THE OXFORD RESEARCH ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN HISTORY, (forthcoming, 2020).

White, Ahmed , Marxism and the Contradictions of Labour and Employment Law, in RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON LAW AND MARXISM, (forthcoming, 2020).