Selected Faculty Publications for 2013

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2013 Selected Faculty Publications

Anaya, S. James , The Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples: United Nations Developments, 35 U. Haw. L. Rev. 983 (2013).

Anaya, S. James , Foreword, in Walter R. Echo-Hawk, In the Light of Justice: The Rise of Human Rights in Native America and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples vii (2013).

Briscoe, Georgia K. , Book Review, Verschuuren, Jonathan, ed. Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law. (Edward Elgar, 2013) reviewed in 2013 American Reference Books Annual.

Brunet Marks, Alexia , Check Please: How Legal Liability Informs Food Safety Regulation, 50 Houston Law Review 3 (2013).

Cantrell, Deborah , With Lovingkindness and Compassion: One Buddhist Woman's Response to Feminist Domestic Violence Advocacy, in FEMINISM, LAW, AND RELIGION (Ashgate Publishing, 2013), pp. 219-36.

Cantrell, Deborah , Re-Problematizing Anger in Domestic Violence Advocacy, 21 AM. U. J. GENDER SOC. POL'Y & L. 837-63 (2013).

Carpenter, Kristen A. , Lawyering for Groups: The Case of American Indian Tribal Attorneys, 81 Fordham Law Review 3085 (with E. Wald) (2013).

Chen, Ming Hsu , Reimagining Democratic Inclusion: Asian Americans and the Voting Rights Act (with Taeku Lee), 3 UC Irvine L. Rev. 227 (2013).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , A Structuralist Approach to the Two State Action Doctrines, 7 N.Y.U. J. L. & Lib. 254 (2013).

García, Kristelia A. , Private Copyright Reform, 20 Mich. Telecom. & Tech. L. Rev. 1 (2013).

Gerding, Erik , Bubbles, Financial Regulation, and Law (2013) (Routledge),
Introduction to the Book on ssrn.

Gerding, Erik , Contract as Pattern Language, 88 Wash. L. Rev. 1323 (2013).

Gruber, Aya , Neofeminism, 50 HOUSTON L. REV. 1325 (2013).

Gruber, Aya , Rethinking Domestic Violence, Rethinking Violence, (reviewing LEIGH GOODMARK, A TROUBLED MARRIAGE (2012)), JOURNAL OF THINGS WE LIKE LOTS (JOTWELL.COM) (forthcoming August 2013).

Gruber, Aya , Miscarriages of Race and Gender Justice, 76 Albany L. Rev. 1571 (2012-13) (invited).

Huang, Peter H. , From Tiger Mom to Panda Parent, 17 Asian Pac. Am. L.J. 40 (2012).

Huang, Peter H. , Tiger Cub Strikes Back: Memoirs of an Ex-Child Prodigy About Legal Education and Parenting, 1 Brit. J. Am. Legal Stud. 297 (2012).

Huang, Peter H. , Leo Katz, Why the Law is So Perverse, 63 J. Legal Educ. 131-60 (2013).

Kaminski, Margot , Drone Federalism: Civilian Drones and the Things They Carry, 4 CALIF. L. REV. CIR. 57 (2013).

Kaminski, Margot , Real Masks and Real Name Policies: Applying Anti-Mask Case Law to Anonymous Online Speech, 23 FORDHAM INTELL. PROP. MEDIA & ENT. L.J. 815 (2013).

Kaminski, Margot , PRISM's Legal Basis: How We Got Here, and What We Can Do to Get Back, THE ATLANTIC, (June 7, 2013).

Krakoff, Sarah , Settler Colonialism and Reclamation: Where American Indian Law and Natural Resources Law Meet, 24 Colo. Nat. Resources, Energy & Envtl. L. Rev. 261 (2013).

Krakoff, Sarah (with Jon-Daniel Lavallee), Natural Resource Development and Indigenous Peoples, in Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies 199 (Randall S. Abate ed., 2013).

Loewenstein, Mark J. , Benefit Corporations: A Challenge to Corporate Governance (forthcoming, THE BUSINESS LAWYER, August, 2013) .

Loewenstein, Mark J. , Imputation, The Adverse Interest Exception, and the Curious Case of the Restatement (Third) of Agency (84 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW 305 (2013)) .

Moss, Scott , Casebook: Richard Carlson & Scott A. Moss, Employment Law (3d ed., Aspen / Wolters Kluwer, 2013) .

Moss, Scott , Bad Briefs, Bad Law, Bad Markets: Documenting the Poor Quality of Plaintiffs' Briefs, Its Impact on the Law, and the Market Failure It Reflects, 63 EMORY L.J. 59-125 (2013).

Moss, Scott , (In)Competence in Appellate and District Court Brief Writing On Rule 12 And 56 Motions, 57 N.Y.L. SCH. L. REV. 842-862 (2013) (invited symposium contribution).

Nevelow Mart, Susan , The Case for Curation: The Relevance Of Digest and Citator Results in Westlaw and Lexis,, 32 Legal Reference Services Q. 13 (2013).

Norton, Helen , Lies and the Constitution, 2012 SUPREME CT. REVIEW 161 (2013).

Peppet, Scott R. , Prostitution 3.0?, 98 Iowa Law Review 1989 (2013).

Schlag, Pierre , Coase Minus the Coast Theorem—Some Problems with Chicago Transaction Cost Analysis, 99 IOWA L. REV. 175 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , Crowdfunding Securities, 88 Notre Dame Law Review 1457 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , The Corporate Preference for Trade Secret, 74 Ohio State Law Journal 623 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , Rural Crowdfunding, 13 U.C. Davis Business Law Journal 283 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , Keep it Light, Chairman White: SEC Rulemaking Under the CROWDFUND Act, 66 Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc 43 (2013).

Skinner-Thompson, Scott , Title IX's Protections for Transgender Student Athletes, 28 Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society (2013) (with Ilona Turner).

Skinner-Thompson, Scott , For LGBT Rights, the To-Do List is Still Long, SEATTLE TIMES, June 26, 2013.

Spain Bradley, Anna , The U.N. Security Council's Duty to Decide, 4 Harvard National Security Journal 320-384 (2013). Awarded the American Society of International Law's 2014 Francis Lieber Prize (article category) for an exceptional published work in the field of the law of armed conflict.

Spain Bradley, Anna , International Dispute Resolution in an Era of Globalization, in International Law in the New Age of Globalization 41-70, Andrew Byrnes, Mika Hayashi, Christopher Michaelsen eds., Martinus Nijhoff Publications (2013).

Spain Bradley, Anna , Sovereignty and the Promotion of Peace in International Law, in ASIL Proceedings of the 106th Annual Meeting 78-80 (2013).

Surden, Harry , Technological Cost as Law in Intellectual Property, 27 Harvard Journal of Law and Technology 135 (2013).

Weiser, Philip J. (with Joe Waz), Internet Governance: The Role of Multistakeholder Organizations, 10 J. on Telecom & High Tech. L. 331 (2013).