Selected Faculty Publications for 2013

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2013 Selected Faculty Publications

Anaya, S. James , The Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples: United Nations Developments, 35 U. Haw. L. Rev. 983 (2013).

Anaya, S. James , Foreword, in Walter R. Echo-Hawk, In the Light of Justice: The Rise of Human Rights in Native America and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples vii (2013).

Boyd, William , Responding to Climate Change and the Global Land Crisis: REDD+, Market Transformation, and Low-Emissions Rural Development, 368 Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 20120167 (2013) (with D. Nepstad, C. Stickler, T. Bezerra, and A. Azevedo).

Boyd, William , More Food, More Forests, Fewer Emissions, Better Livelihoods: Linking REDD+, Sustainable Supply Chains, and Domestic Policies in Brazil, Indonesia, and Colombia, 4 CARBON MANAGEMENT 639 (2013) (with D. Nepstad, et al.).

Boyd, William , Natural Gas and the Transformation of the U.S. Energy Sector: Electricity, Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, NREL/TP-6A50-55538, 1-240 (NREL 2012) (with J. Logan, G. Heath, E. Paranhos, H. Carlson, K., and J. Macknick).

Briscoe, Georgia K. , Book Review, Verschuuren, Jonathan, ed. Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law. (Edward Elgar, 2013) reviewed in 2013 American Reference Books Annual.

Brunet Marks, Alexia , Check Please: How Legal Liability Informs Food Safety Regulation, 50 Houston Law Review 3 (2013).

Cantrell, Deborah , With Lovingkindness and Compassion: One Buddhist Woman's Response to Feminist Domestic Violence Advocacy, in FEMINISM, LAW, AND RELIGION (Ashgate Publishing, 2013), pp. 219-36.

Cantrell, Deborah , Re-Problematizing Anger in Domestic Violence Advocacy, 21 AM. U. J. GENDER SOC. POL'Y & L. 837-63 (2013).

Carpenter, Kristen A. , Lawyering for Groups: The Case of American Indian Tribal Attorneys, 81 Fordham Law Review 3085 (with E. Wald) (2013).

Chen, Ming Hsu , Reimagining Democratic Inclusion: Asian Americans and the Voting Rights Act (with Taeku Lee), 3 UC Irvine L. Rev. 227 (2013).

Desautels-Stein, Justin , A Structuralist Approach to the Two State Action Doctrines, 7 N.Y.U. J. L. & Lib. 254 (2013).

García, Kristelia , Private Copyright Reform, 20 MICH. TELECOMM. & TECH. L. REV. 1 (2013).

Gerding, Erik , Bubbles, Financial Regulation, and Law (2013) (Routledge),
Introduction to the Book on ssrn.

Gruber, Aya , Neofeminism, 50 HOUSTON L. REV. 1325 (2013).

Gruber, Aya , Rethinking Domestic Violence, Rethinking Violence, (reviewing Leigh Goodmark, A Troubled Marriage (2012)), Jotwell (August 2013).

Huang, Peter H. , From Tiger Mom to Panda Parent, 17 Asian Pac. Am. L.J. 40 (2012).

Huang, Peter H. , Tiger Cub Strikes Back: Memoirs of an Ex-Child Prodigy About Legal Education and Parenting, 1 Brit. J. Am. Legal Stud. 297 (2012).

Huang, Peter H. , Leo Katz, Why the Law is So Perverse, 63 J. Legal Educ. 131-60 (2013).

Kaminski, Margot , Drone Federalism: Civilian Drones and the Things They Carry, 4 CALIF. L. REV. CIR. 57 (2013).

Kaminski, Margot , Real Masks and Real Name Policies: Applying Anti-Mask Case Law to Anonymous Online Speech, 23 FORDHAM INTELL. PROP. MEDIA & ENT. L.J. 815 (2013).

Kaminski, Margot , PRISM's Legal Basis: How We Got Here, and What We Can Do to Get Back, THE ATLANTIC, (June 7, 2013).

Krakoff, Sarah , Settler Colonialism and Reclamation: Where American Indian Law and Natural Resources Law Meet, 24 Colo. Nat. Resources, Energy & Envtl. L. Rev. 261 (2013).

Krakoff, Sarah (with Jon-Daniel Lavallee), Natural Resource Development and Indigenous Peoples, in Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies 199 (Randall S. Abate ed., 2013).

Loewenstein, Mark J. , Benefit Corporations: A Challenge to Corporate Governance (forthcoming, THE BUSINESS LAWYER, August, 2013) .

Loewenstein, Mark J. , Imputation, The Adverse Interest Exception, and the Curious Case of the Restatement (Third) of Agency (84 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW 305 (2013)) .

Moss, Scott , Casebook: Richard Carlson & Scott A. Moss, Employment Law (3d ed., Aspen / Wolters Kluwer, 2013) .

Moss, Scott , Bad Briefs, Bad Law, Bad Markets: Documenting the Poor Quality of Plaintiffs' Briefs, Its Impact on the Law, and the Market Failure It Reflects, 63 EMORY L.J. 59-125 (2013).

Moss, Scott , (In)Competence in Appellate and District Court Brief Writing On Rule 12 And 56 Motions, 57 N.Y.L. SCH. L. REV. 842-862 (2013) (invited symposium contribution).

Nevelow Mart, Susan , The Case for Curation: The Relevance Of Digest and Citator Results in Westlaw and Lexis,, 32 Legal Reference Services Q. 13 (2013).

Norton, Helen , Lies and the Constitution, 2012 SUPREME CT. REVIEW 161 (2013).

Peppet, Scott R. , Prostitution 3.0?, 98 Iowa Law Review 1989 (2013).

Schlag, Pierre , Coase Minus the Coast Theorem—Some Problems with Chicago Transaction Cost Analysis, 99 IOWA L. REV. 175 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , Crowdfunding Securities, 88 Notre Dame Law Review 1457 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , The Corporate Preference for Trade Secret, 74 Ohio State Law Journal 623 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , Rural Crowdfunding, 13 U.C. Davis Business Law Journal 283 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , Keep it Light, Chairman White: SEC Rulemaking Under the CROWDFUND Act, 66 Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc 43 (2013).

Schwartz, Andrew , Crowdfunding Securities: Two Novel Predictions, COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL BLUE SKY BLOG, June 26, 2013.

Skinner-Thompson, Scott , Title IX's Protections for Transgender Student Athletes, 28 Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society (2013) (with Ilona Turner).

Skinner-Thompson, Scott , For LGBT Rights, the To-Do List is Still Long, SEATTLE TIMES, June 26, 2013.

Surden, Harry , Technological Cost as Law in Intellectual Property, 27 Harvard Journal of Law and Technology 135 (2013).

Weiser, Philip J. (with Joe Waz), Internet Governance: The Role of Multistakeholder Organizations, 10 J. on Telecom & High Tech. L. 331 (2013).